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Live Premier Level 1+2

  • Type:
  • Skill Level:
  • Duration:
    4 Days
  • Certification:


Learn more about the operating principles behind the Aquilon 4K/8K video presentation and management systems of the LivePremier series. Enhance your understanding of the system, acquire new operating skills and become familiar with the advanced features of the LivePremier systems. with this in-depth knowledge of the product, you will be able to optimize the system settings and improve the performance of the Aquilon presentation systems in a variety of environments: live events, fixed installations, etc. this class continues your development skills required to become a Level 2 Certified Analog Way Operator.

Participants must provide:

  1. Familiarities with video signals (formats, connectors, HDCP and EDID)
  2. Basic understanding of image processing
  3. Familiarity with video presentation switchers
  4. Basic computer and network experience

Recommended Prerequisites: LivePremier from A to Z online training

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